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This book is for everyone who wants to move into the digital era of awesomeness. It helps traditional advertising and marketing people master the step into the digital era and provides tools to create campaigns that reach the people of today.

Social Payment System

In today's world the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it. ‘Pay with a Tweet’ is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. 

It’s simple, every time somebody pays with a tweet, he or she tells all their friends about the product. Boom.

The Job Interview answered by your Facebook friends.

Whoever applies for an intership at R/GA is asked to do the Social Interview. Three questions will be posted to your Facebook wall to be answered by your friends. The more creative the answers, the bigger the chance on an internship. 

A whole album created just off people's social media profiles

Let's face it, we share a lot about ourselves on social networks, whether it be our thoughts of the day, the bar we're at, what we think of a piece of news, a recent vacation or simply liking a friends photo or post. If you think about it, there's likely enough information out there for someone to know a whole lot about your personality…. Or maybe even write a song about it.

Enter "Track Me," a social musical experiment conceived by Brooklyn-based alternative rock/hip hop crew, Riot !n Paris. The band is creating studio-quality personalized songs based on strangers' social media profiles. Every day, for four weeks, Riot !n Paris is in the studio writing, recording, and releasing new tracks.

The perfect gift for all your Friends & Followers

In today’s world we know more people than ever before, from hundreds of friends on Facebook to maybe thousands of followers on Twitter. And we like ‘em, from the dude that always re-tweets your tweets to your old high-school friend that friended you on Facebook. Wondertüte’s Gift a Follower let’s you finally say ‘thank you’ to not only your real friends but everyone that deserves it. Without the need of knowing their address or even name. 

Pay with a Tweet campaign

For the french electro pop band 'The Teenagers', we released their new single of their upcoming album exclusivly with Pay with a Tweet.  

Twitter's Tech Help Force
Client: Best Buy

We've been part of the team creating Twelp Force. A united force of Blue Shirts that are there to answer your tech questions 24/7 via Twitter. Just tweet your question @twelpforce.

iPhone App

For the french electro pop band 'The Teenagers', we released their new single of their upcoming album exclusivly with Pay with a Tweet.  

Launch Campaign
Client: Activision

To launch DJ Hero, we brought DJ culture into the mainstream and showed everyone what DJing is all about. From mashing-up websites, over scratching sites like a record, stunts in real life, teaser TV spots featuring Daft Punk to a game of DJ Hero in banner ads and on Facebook to battle their friends.
View Video (coming soon)

View Mash-Up Takeover

Banner Ad
Client: Activision

On the launch day of DJ Hero, people all over the world were able to spin and scratch 20 of the biggest music and gaming websites.

Banner Ad / Facebook App
Client: Activision

For the launch of DJ Hero, the people were able to play a game of DJ Hero themselves in banner ads and on Facebook to challenge their friends.

Integrated Campaign (Pitched Idea)
Client: Activision

Since Guitar Hero Metallica is the most intense Guitar Hero ever, let’s stage the most intense launch event ever. Instead of just smashing a bottle of champagne or cutting a ceremonial ribbon, let’s hook Guitar Hero Metallica up to a building filled with TNT. The first person who plays through the hardest song flawlessly will bring the building to the ground.

This is Metallica Play and Destroy.

Banner Ad
Client: Activision

This holiday, you will shred like Van Halen. Try your shred skills in this banner ad.

By the way, this banner is personally approved by Van Halen.

Interactive Campaign
Client: ProSieben Television

We created a multi-stage interactive online adventure game that took place within people's email systems. In four episodes, recipients were able to experience directly within their inbox what it feels like to be part of LOST: mastering mazes, overpowering sharks and cracking a secret code with which to take part in a competition on a mysterious website. Adapted from the story of the second season, the website formed the central backbone of the campaign, allowing people to sign up for emails, enter competitions and download various goodies relating to the series.

Creative Direction & Product Marketing

During his time at SonyMusic/Germany Christian Behrendt was responsible for the marketing and creative direction of the single release "Set it off" from the electro-punk artist "Peaches". It was the first music video from "Peaches" which was not banned to night rotation. "Set it off" jumped emmediately on heavy day rotation at MTV/ Germany and was one of the most successfull single releases of "Peaches".

Banner Ad
Client: 13th Street Television

13TH STREET is the most dangerous address on television. That's why in our interactive banner ad one nightmare pursues the next.
It's Horror, non-stop.

Social Game

Every year the doors open to all over-über-tweeters and check-in to everything dudes. 2011 R/GA let the people of SXSW interactive go through the rings of Social Media Hell to give tribute to those who tweet to much.

New Media Experiment
Client: In-house

The most clients are afraid of new interactive techniques, till they tested them themselves. For this, Jung von Matt created the Nextwall. An interactive graffiti wall in the backyard of the agency that features nearly every mobile technology in a fun way. The agencies little platform to experience new interactive media forms.

Integrated campaign

The Mayans predicted in the year 2012 the world will end. With the ANDY Awards coming up as the first advertising award show of the 2012 advertising award show season, this is truly the first chance to win the last award of your life. All the winning work will even be put in an underground data bunker where it will be safe for eternity. Yup. For Real.. 

Integrated Campaign
Client: Sixt rent a car

German car rental provider SIXT is well known for it´s favourable rates. But a fictitious car rental company named “Gibsnisch” asserts aggressively that it is “even less expensive than SIXT”! Anyone who believes that claim and clicks on the banners or follows the print learns the truth at www.gibsnisch.de: Gibsnisch doesn’t exist! Which means there’s no car rental company less expensive than SIXT! This integrated viral campaign spread its word so much in Germany that even Sixt's real competitors created rival websites like Gibswohl.de.

Mobile Application
Client: McCormick Lawry's

21st century way to scream, "Dinner is Ready!"

Dinner is ready and your family is nowhere to be found?
Are the kids on the computer? Texting? Chatting on the phone?
Get your family to the dinner table the modern way.


Integrated Campaign
Client: McCormick Lawry's

It's hard to convince your kids to try something new.

But there is help. Dinnertising Inc is the first Advertising Agency dedicated to help mom sell new meals to her family, with personalized commercials, calls from testimonials and other fun tools.


Street Art Community
Client: A better tomorrow Clothing

We build the first platform that creates a real dialog between street artists and art fans. Using QR codes, the people are now able to listen to a voice message of the artist and also answer it. Just snap the code, hear what the artist has to say and give your feedback.And the great thing is, the artist stays always anonymous.
ADC Germany 2007

FourSquare Campaign
Client: McCormick Grill Mates

The first FourSquare campaign where you become Mayor. For Real. Check-in at your Grill the most and become mayor of Hunt Valley, Maryland for a day. Not kidding.

Your Face in Times Square - grilling.

To kick off the Grill Season, people could just tweet #GrillMates to have their Twitter profile picture appear on two of the biggest digital billboards in Times Square. 

Find out who "likes" you the most on Facebook
Client: Grill Mates

You know that moment at the grill when you made that joke and no one laughed? Those times are over now. The Grill Circle tells you who likes and comments the most on your posts on Facebook and shows you who you should be really grilling with.

E-Commerce Platform
Client: MasterCard

Nowadays there is a lot of things you need to follow to really find the great deal, oversee your budget and always find the perfect gift. MCIQ is the hub for your complete online shopping experience. It gather, saves and analyzes everything you and your friends shop online to help you to make the right decisions. It's simple, the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Client: Mercedes-Benz

We created the worldwide online campaign for the launch of the new Mercedes GLK. On the microsite the user can be part of an interactive music video featuring the GLK and the famous European Electro Duo "Digitalism". Our role was to the creative concept of the whole campaign as well as the direction of the music licensing and music production with the artist.

Campaign Widget
Client: Mercedes-Benz

Part of the worldwide launch campaign of the new Mercedes GLK was an exclusive widget that entertained the people from the launch of the campaign till the launch of the GLK. Users could directly interview the designers and developers of the GLK. The most asked questions were then be answered by video from the designers themselves - directly on your desktop.

Guerilla Voting System

In the Internet, the people have the force to express what they think by having the possibility to comment everything. Hit or Shit brings this force in the real world by giving you the power to express your opinion on everything, everywhere and in public. Just create a Thumb, stick it on something that is a hit or shit and let the people vote.

The Advertising Sourcebook is a book about how to use new media to create advertising ideas with a budget of less than € 1.000. The book is free for everyone to download and it has been downloaded more than 9.000 times - just in Germany.
ADC Germany 2007

iPhone App
Client: Volkswagen

Having a TDI is going to make you want to drive more. Let’s help people leave the smallest footprint while having the most fun. How? By creating an iPhone App that allows TDI owners to track how much CO2 they produce on each trip, then links automatically to the Carbon Neutral project so they can make a donation to offset that CO2 production.

Live Feed Widget (Pitched Idea)
Client: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Auto Feed gives the people the chance to follow every step of the building process of their new Volkswagen. Live on their computer and mobile everywhere they are. An exclusive widget that shows the building status of their new VW in a 3D model live on their computer. From the first parts that arrive at the plant to the fully
painted Auto.

E-Mail Campaign
Client: Computer Bild

Computer Bild is europe largest computer magazine and famous for their helpful advise. People were able to receive 33 tipps against spam via e-mail. When you received the tipps, they build a picture of a skull in your inbox. It was the first time something like that happend in the peoples mail systems.

Client: Mercedes-Benz

The new E class of Mercedes-Benz is maybe the most quiet driving experience ever. To prove that, the e class was turned into a driving recording studio - a concert in E.

Creative Direction & Product Marketing

At SonyMusic/Germany Christian Behrendt was responsible for the creative direction and marketing of the Dance newcomer "Brooklyn Bounce", who became SonyMusic/Germanys most successful domestic artist in the year 2001 and 2002. For the marketing of the single "Bass, Beats & Melody" Christian has received a Gold Certification (the most important music-business award in Germany).
Gold Certification

 Dannii Minogue
Product Marketing

At WarnerMusic/Germany Christian Behrendt was responsible for the marketing of the studio album "Neon Nights", including the hit-single "I beginn to wonder", from the dance-pop artist Dannii Minogue (the little sister of Kylie Minogue).

Creative Direction & Product Marketing

During his time at Edel Records, SonyMusic and Warner Music Christian Behrendt was responsible for the creative direction and marketing of more than 40 Dance-Pop, Techno, R`NB and Hip Hop artists. Here a brief excerpt of video clips that involved Christian Behrendt as a major decision maker and pusher of the German Dance Music movement.

Business Concept: Gaming Network

In Germany, there are many private fan websites for computer games. These sites have big communities but because they are managed by private persons, they don't have enough money to pay for the servers to grow.

Leif had the idea to connect these private managed fan-websites with each other to one network. Whoever was part of the network receives free server space for their fansite and in exchange gave the rights about the advertisements on their site to the network. Because the network acted like one big website, it was easier to get good Ad deals and at the end make money.

The network became one of the most successful German gaming portals. At its peak, it reached over 8 million page impressions per month.

Print Campaign
Client: Byer Dynamic

Headphones from Byer Dynamic have such an intense sound, it sometimes feels like someones singing right into your ear.

Client: Sparkasse Bank

We used a calender to illustrate the principle of investments. Invested money only grows slowly. But each day you get a little bit closer to your dream. If you combine the individual days of the calender, you can realise beautiful dreams such as a convertible. In the accompanying letter, the customer was invited to the consultation. Claim: With every day you get a little bit closer to your dream. With the investment fond program of the Sparkasse

Client: SIGA

We created the first website that knows your questions.

SIGA is the leading brand for weather stripping. The only problem is no one knows that as well as how much could go wrong when you're not using the right tape. So when people are searching for information about building their new home, SIGA grabs them right away and reacts on their requests.
Depending on from what website, search request or ad you are coming to the website, the site automatically shows you the questions you might have and brings the answers right away.


Corporate Website & Webspecial
Client: Evian Waters

Evian is the most famous premium water in Europe. To promote the new evian.de website, we created the interactive water ballet. Just choose your favourite dancers, create your own environment freely yourself and send it to your friends.

Ambient Ad
Client: Rossmann

No one is interested in toothpaste. Which is why we had to think of an idea that people find fun: We placed a woman`s open mouth on top of the bottle opener on public drinks machines. When opening a botlle, it looked like the woman was opening it with her teeth.